Thursday, 15 November 2012

Look At Our New Role Play Area!

We have transformed the role play area into a Post Office for this half term. Working in a Post Ofiice gives our children the opportunity to develop their communication, literacy and numeracy skills as well as enhance their knowledge and understanding of the world through fun and imaginative role play.

We can...

Take the role of Post Office staff/customer.

Take the role of a Postie.

Complete passport applications.

Send letters to friends.

Discover the world. Where can we send letters
and parcels to?
Weigh letters and parcels.

Talk about what happens to a letter after
it's been posted.

Handle and sort money.
Learn all about tessellation.
"It's not fitting!"

The children are encouraged to talk about the various services which are available in a Post Office. Here are some of the fantastic responses we received during a Q & A session on the carpet:

"You can post letters....or you can email" - Tallulah 
"The postman brings the letters and puts it in the letterbox" - Olivia
"You can buy white cards (envelopes) write a letter, put it in and put a stamp on it." - Elise
"Postman Pat wears the uniform" - Elyse
(Talking about needing a passport)...
..."You need one to go on an aeroplane" - Alfie C
(Talking about car tax discs)...
"My Mummy has one of those...she has a white Mini....stick it on the car." - Elise
"I've been stamping and put it in the post thing." - Mason



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