Thursday, 8 December 2011


We've changed our construction area into Bethlehem. There is a stable, a star and all the costumes and props that the children need to role play the nativity. This is the best way for the children to understand the Christmas story and it prepares them for our Christmas play. This year we are doing 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel'. It's the story of a very special angel and the very first Christmas.

The three kings visit the new baby

Just checking the story in the book!

This stable's cosy.

The Christmas star shows everyone the way.

The shepherds followed the star

This is the Twigs Christmas party.

Some children had Christmas dinner from Ursula.

Everyone had a lovely time with extra nibbles after.


The Post Office is a fantastic role play area at Christmas. We use it for writing letters to Santa, posting Parcels and lots more !

Finding out why letters need stamps

Recognising numbers on doors and addresses on envelopes. Just like a real postie.

Weighing parcels and talking about weight.

Using money and starting to think about the different coin shapes.