Friday, 7 December 2012

I hope you have had the chance to have a look around our nursery to see all the festive changes that have taken place. We have a fantastic Christmas Gallery with lots of themed paintings from the children. Our construction area has been transformed into a scene of the stable in Bethlehem and we all had lots of fun decorating the classroom and putting up the tree!

It was lovely to see so many of you turn up to write letters to Santa with your children. Here are some pictures of you all thinking hard about what you would like to see under your trees this year.

Double the fun!! Two brothers write two wish lists.

Getting some inspiration from catalogues.

Discussing and writing down our ideas.

That looks like a big list!!

We enlisted the help of some friendly postal workers.

First or second class?

The queue for the Post Office.

We hope you enjoyed listening to what your children would like for Christmas. Keep looking out for a reply from the man himself!

We look forward to seeing you all again next week for our Christmas show (10.30am on Friday 14th December)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Look At Our New Role Play Area!

We have transformed the role play area into a Post Office for this half term. Working in a Post Ofiice gives our children the opportunity to develop their communication, literacy and numeracy skills as well as enhance their knowledge and understanding of the world through fun and imaginative role play.

We can...

Take the role of Post Office staff/customer.

Take the role of a Postie.

Complete passport applications.

Send letters to friends.

Discover the world. Where can we send letters
and parcels to?
Weigh letters and parcels.

Talk about what happens to a letter after
it's been posted.

Handle and sort money.
Learn all about tessellation.
"It's not fitting!"

The children are encouraged to talk about the various services which are available in a Post Office. Here are some of the fantastic responses we received during a Q & A session on the carpet:

"You can post letters....or you can email" - Tallulah 
"The postman brings the letters and puts it in the letterbox" - Olivia
"You can buy white cards (envelopes) write a letter, put it in and put a stamp on it." - Elise
"Postman Pat wears the uniform" - Elyse
(Talking about needing a passport)...
..."You need one to go on an aeroplane" - Alfie C
(Talking about car tax discs)...
"My Mummy has one of those...she has a white Mini....stick it on the car." - Elise
"I've been stamping and put it in the post thing." - Mason



Thursday, 25 October 2012

Investors In Pupils

All classes at Fieldhead Carr have an 'Investors in Pupils' target. Older children in school set their own targets to achieve personal success in a specific area of the curriculum. In FS1, we agree on a whole class target for all of the children to aim for. All the children who achieve this target are rewarded with stickers and certificates. Our first target was to 'Tidy away our toys' which many children are now achieving. Our new target is 'To put our own coats on'

Here is one of our children demonstrating how it can be done.

It's easier if you've got a hood. You can put it on your head while you get your arms in.
Once you've got one arm in, hold on to your coat while you get your other arm in.
Once both arms are in your sleeves, you can then have a try at doing up your zip or buttons.

Hey Presto!! Expertly done. "I did it all by myself"

A special certificate to take home to show my family.

FS1's 'Investors In Pupils' display. When you've achieved your target, you get to put your busy bee in the honey pot!
Look how many children are in there already after just one day!

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Target achieved. Well done!!


Keep practising over half term. Let's see how many busy bees can jump into the honey pot when we come back.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Practising Our Writing Skills

FS1 have been busy practising their writing skills. Mark-making is available in all our areas of provision around the nursery to allow the children the opportunity to role-play (writing telephone notes in the home corner) plan designs in the model-making and construction, or just simply to assign their name to a painting or drawing.

Here's our future authors, journalists or maybe even teachers hard at work.

Concentrating hard and using a firm tripod grip.

Using chunky chalks outside to make marks.

Dry-wipe pens are colourful and fun!

Practise makes perfect!

Assigning meaning to the marks.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Look What We've Been Up to!!!!

Firstly, thank you to all parents for your patience and co-operation during the disruption to drop off and collection arrangements of children. We hope to resume normality shortly.

Last week, our focus was reading. We have been teaching children to appreciate the value of books. Reading helps enhance the development of language for communication and of course we all enjoy sharing a good story.

Have a look at what we've been doing.

Using toys to accompany the story.

Relaxing with a book in the sunshine.

Happy, quiet time!

Pointing out the features of a book to a friend.

Sharing with adults.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Welcome to all our new families

All our children have had a lovely start to the year. Not a tear in sight, all happy faces! There have been lots of exciting things happening to our school over the school holidays and we've had a fantastic new playground.

Thank you so much for putting your children in the new uniform, they look wonderful. The whole school looks a much brighter place because of it.

Lets see what your children have been up to during their first week back.

Enjoying our new reading corner

Having fun with the cars

These jigsaws are a puzzle!

Using the new equipment in the dough area

Gluing and sticking

Making friends

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Our Jubilee Toddle

On May 30th all our children, and lots of parents and grandparents, came to school to take part in our Jubilee Toddle. All the children dressed up in red, white and blue, to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth and to have lots of fun !

When all the parents arrived we went on to the school playing fields to start our Toddle around the red white and blue markers. It looked a long way, but the sun shone and everyone put their best foot forward.

Year 6 came to help everyone count how many laps they had toddled. Everyone had a flag that was marked each time they went past.

Then we went back to our playground and had the best street party ever. We had fantastic party food that all the parents had brought, with Vera Lynn and Doris Day singing in the background.

We had 'old fashioned' games like hopscotch,  quoits,  snakes and ladders. And everyone had flags !

And this is exactly what Mrs Critchley, Mrs Winstanley, Miss Jones and Mrs Sinker look like at the end of every day !