Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The 'Vet' is now open for business!

We have changed our role play area into a Vet's. This term we are exploring 'Comparisons' and the vet's allows us to talk about different animals and similarities and differences. The children can be the vet, the vet's nurse or an anxious pet owner. There are lots of opportunities to talk and write about what they are doing.

There's a very poorly looking giraffe on the examination table.

Poor rabbit
I hope these animals don't escape from their carriers

This vet thinks there's a problem with his neck

We will be having some visitors to our vets. George the puppy is coming in soon. We also havesome frogspawn that is developing nicely. We'll look after that carefully and return the froglets to the pond once they have developed. After the Easter holiday we will be hatching chicks, which should be a fantastic experience for all the children.

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