Friday, 6 January 2012


A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our families. All our staff would like to thank you for all your well wishes for the Christmas period, we all had so many gorgeous cards and gifts, we are very grateful to you all.
It's been a windy start to the New Year but this hasn't stopped the children from starting their work. This week we have been doing observational paintings of a daffodil. This gives us the opportunity to talk about the parts of the plant, such as stem, petals and trumpet. Ask your children how their painting went. There will be a display of their work on the wall shortly, any paintings that aren't on the wall will be in their profiles.
This week's WOW word is 'describe' which went very well with the activity as the children had to describe the daffodil in their conversation with us before they started painting.
Yesterday we had invited all the children who are due to start school shortly for a visit in the afternoon. It was a lovely afternoon, with lots of adults and children to meet for the first time. The children had a wonderful time not knowing what to play with next! We can't wait until you all start school and we can get to know each other properly.

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